The Community at Large

Since starting this blog, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some rather awesome people. You should get to know them, and their works, too.

Heal Over Time, written by the super talented Lilpeanut
Harpy’s Nest, written by the very funny and knowledgeable Erinys
Tome of the Ancient, written by the ever-entertaining Ancient
Bravetank, written by no other than the courageous Bravetank
Psynister’s Notebook, written by the MMO-loving Psynister
Confessions of a Closet Dork, written by aspiring community manager Fay; also co-hosts podcast “The Joe Show”
The Dungeon Runner, written by the chatty and witty Snack
Tastes Like Battle Chicken, written by master battlechicken Ambermist
Need More Rage
, written by the rather calm and tranquil Ratshag
Druid Doodles, written by the kind and encouraging Draccus
Noxious Stings, written by fellow hunter Finalflame
Codex Proelium, written by the RTS-dominating Brandon Casteel; also writes for the website
Cynwise’s Warcraft Manual, written by resident WoW meerkat Cynwise
The Anxious Gamer, written by He-Who-Loves-to-Give-Internet-Hugs Exlucis
Variant Avatar, written by bacon enthusiast Ceraphus; also co-host of “The Sundering” podcast
Flask Half-Empty, written by druid-teacher Ninevi
Gnomeageddon, written by the diminutive harbinger of destruction Gnomeaggedon
The Dancing Tree, written by the grooving arbor Faye
Confessions of a Washed-Up Raid Leader, written by the ever-optimistic Justin S.
Classy Plays WoW, written by the sassy Classy
The Perpetual Caster, written by mana-charged Avi
Clockwork Compass, written by outspoken southerner Erika

Podcasts, Streams, and Vid Channels
The Joe Show Podcast and Youtube channel by Martiean
Twice Baked Bread and The Training Dummies podcasts co-hosted by Rob Copeland
(“Training Dummies” also hosted by the very lovable Hend and fellow Whovian Hoofit)
Youtube channel and Coffee Hour stream by charity gamer Farronox
The Casually Casual Podcast by the lovely Blood Elfette Esmeralda Sky


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