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(Staying) Alive in the Superunknown of “The Long Dark”

Last week, I listed all of the potential reasons to fall in gaming love with The Long Dark from indie company Hinterland Games. One of my main reasons was the developers’ approach to gameplay and their decision to make combat … Continue reading

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Hands On and Involved

It was Parent Night in my religious education classroom this week. To my pleasant surprise, all but two of my students’ parents showed up. The kids and parents usually came to the classroom together, but separated when they sat down: … Continue reading

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My Life According to Video Game Music: Part 1

“Oh no,” groaned Cuzco, “[Kronk]’s even got his own theme song.” – “The Emperor’s New Groove,” 2000 The question comes up time and time again on assorted blogs and internet news channels: What do you listen to while gaming? What’s … Continue reading


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