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Another Gamer Parent Profile!

I can’t keep my nose from running for a few seconds at a time, so I’ll keep this short n’ sweet. Ken, also known as Kanter of the blog “MMO One Night a Week” and the World of Warcraft/Twitter communities, … Continue reading

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Peace of Mind (Another Love Letter to My Guild)

When I was a fledgling recruitment officer for my friends-and-family-guild-turned-casual-raiding-guild, I had no effing clue as to what I was doing. My GM and his wife tasked me with getting more people so we could move onto 25-man content, so … Continue reading

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I’m sick. I feel miserable, more miserable than I’ve felt since December when I was last “knocked on your ass by a herd of stampeding elekk” sick. The yo-yo’ing temperatures coupled with allergies finally caught up with me, just when … Continue reading


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