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Life as a Pandaren

Warning: Contains spoilers for the Pandaren starting zone, The Wandering Isle, and the Pandaren entrance quests to the Horde. Have I mentioned how much I despise and loathe Garrosh Hellscream yet?

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As I Walk Through the Valley of Four Winds…

I blame the title on my friend, who recently reposted her “Students’ Psalm 23,” which is a funny rendition of the Psalm known to most as “The Stuff I Hear At Funerals.” It starts off with, “The Lord is my … Continue reading

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Much Ado About Comedy

When Blizzard released the opening cinematic to Mists of Pandaria last Thursday, the reactions varied from the ecstatic to the downright dismal. One of the comments that caught my eye— which summed up a sentiment expressed in many other comments— … Continue reading


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Lifting the Mist from MoP: My Two Coppers

There’s so much intel out there. I don’t even know where to start. The free weekend for SW:TOR was a nice distraction from clawing at the computer screen, going bonkers from curiosity about Mists of Pandaria, though. That was impeccable … Continue reading

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