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He Ain’t Heavy…

It’s my brother’s birthday tomorrow. Yeah, he’s a 7/11 baby and it certainly makes his birthday easy to remember. He’s one of the strongest influences in my life. I wouldn’t have many of the interests— or the benefits of those … Continue reading


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Make Love AND Warcraft

About a month ago, Lilpeanut over at the Heal Over Time blog posted the Warcraft love story of one of her readers. It made my heart incredibly happy to hear of another successful couple borne from the depths of a … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season

Christmas. Hanukkah. Winter Solstice. Kwanzaa. Winter Veil. Oh, and let’s not forget Festivus (“for the rest of us,” of course). I love it. As stressful and tiring as the holiday season is, I absolutely love it. Of course, every year … Continue reading

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