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Not “Bad,” Just Misunderstood

When I first started playing WoW, I thought there was a clear difference between Alliance and Horde. It was a matter of “good guys” versus “bad guys,” where the former had noble and generally “good” intentions, while the latter had … Continue reading


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Chapter 2: “An Audience with the Warchief” (WoW Fiction)

Toriah closed her eyes and let the conversation flow over her as she knelt before the throne in Grommash Hold. She willed herself to be quiet and still. Just another audience. No big deal. Outside, the warm Durotar day had … Continue reading

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Chapter 1: “Homecoming” (WoW Fiction)

[Writer’s Note: And now for something completely different! I spent all of my free time writing this and couldn’t focus on fleshing out my usual topic-oriented posts because, well, I wanted to work on this instead. So, I hope you enjoy … Continue reading

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