Gamer Parent Profiles and Miscellaneous Things

I’ve been slacking. Ever since I finished up “30 Days of Character Development,” the only time I’ve had for the blog is getting the profiles up each month for the Gamer Parent Initiative.

The third one just went up today.

I mean, sure, I could blame it on the fatigue and general “I feel like crap”-ness of the pregnancy. Seriously— feels like all I do is eat and make sure I stay hydrated so that other weird things don’t happen. And they tell you not to stress because that just exacerbates the weird things but do you know how hard it is NOT to stress about the weird things when they’re happening to your body (and, by association, to the Broodling) and you have no real idea why (which, by the way, adds to the stress)?!

Thankfully, the fatigue often has a way of flipping that switch in your head, saying, “Okay, that’s enough out of you for now!” and you either forget, get distracted, and/or fall asleep.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, right— the Gamer Parent Profiles. Thanks to a shrewd observation by Ken (aka Kanter), who is also the Gamer Parent for next month’s profile, I had absolutely no idea that, if people aren’t paying attention to my Twitter feed, they have no idea that the profiles go up or even exist! Especially so if they rely on the RSS feed. So, on his suggestion, I’ll make mini-posts to announce each profile each month!

Everyone wins!

I have, honestly, been meaning to get working on the continuation of Toriah’s story, especially now that I’ve seen the end to Mists of Pandaria myself and read the latest Warcraft novel, War Crimes. Every time I do, however, something else demands my attention and whatever brilliant idea I had gets lost. And it doesn’t matter if I write it down, because that piece of paper gets lost, too.

Apparently, pregnancy comes with a modifier for the “Scatterbrained” debuff. I’m totally claiming that.

Oh, in case you’ve missed the previous profiles, here are links! (See, told you that whole scatterbrain thing is worse now than it was!)
March: Esmeralda Sky
April: Hend
May: Zuulzilla


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2 Responses to Gamer Parent Profiles and Miscellaneous Things

  1. Ken’s right! I had no idea! At least your scatterbrained debuff will end, I think mine’s permanent. I so understand the “no sense writing it down because I can’t find the piece of paper”, lol.

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