30 Days of Character Development: Day 23

The Prompt: Is your character superstitious?

Toriah lives and fights in a world that has magic running through its veins. Ghosts exist. There are demons, then there are demonic creatures that are actually aliens from another world in the universe who were corrupted. Voodoo and loa are real, and so is the Light. And the Earth Mother and the spirits of our ancestors, too.

Throughout her travels in Azeroth and Outland, she’s collected all sorts of artifacts— a dreamcatcher given to her by the tauren hunters who showed her their ways; a dormant hex stick from the Darkspears; a string of meditation beads and an ornate shard of a keg from one of her favorite pandaren hosts.

When there’s so much that bends the imagination, and you witness it every single day, who’s to say what is superstitious?

Does Toriah clean her quarters before the new year? Yes, if she’s around. She hasn’t really noticed if her luck’s changed for better or worse in correspondence, though. Sure, she has her rituals before battle, but that’s for her own benefit— it’s a matter of knowing her gear is ready, the bow is properly strung and calibrated, her potions and elixirs handy.

Superstitious? No, she’s seen too much to call anything mere superstition.


About Toriah the Mom

Mom, quasi-librarian, gamer, writer
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