30 Days of Character Development: Day 22

The Prompt: If your character could time travel, where would they go?

The question should read, “If your character needs to time travel, where do they go?”

Unfortunately, in the world of Warcraft, the Doctor and his TARDIS don’t exist. Or, at least, it hasn’t shown up while Toriah’s around. Besides, they would just outadventure each other. So, when the elf needs to go back in time to set things right, where does she go?

Toriah’s a regular at the Caverns of Time and, nowadays, the Timeless Isle. The Bronzes know her well and, dare I say, even like her— if dragons could be said to like mortals in any capacity, that is. They certainly appreciate all the hard work she put in for helping them contain the Infinite threat.

We already discussed time travel in another post. If we’re just talking about traveling back in time to just visit and see the sights, well… I suppose she’d love to see Azeroth as it was originally with only one continent. Now that place has some serious exploring in store.


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