30 Days of Character Development: Day 21

The Prompt: What would your character’s CUTIE MARK be?

Research (i.e. good, knowledgeable folks on Twitter) has revealed this “cutie mark” to mean the symbol that is branded tattooed stamped featured on the, um, rump of a character from the popular cartoon My Little Pony. So, in case you wonder, that’s what it is, and that’s the foundation for today’s shenanigans.

Toriah slowed her horse to a light canter as she approached the Farstrider Retreat on the outskirts of Silvermoon City. She whistled for Orion who was hunting in the nearby woods, and dismounted. Patting the sleek, elegant steed on his neck as she passed, the elf walked into the building with curiosity and a little bit of caution.

Halduron’s letter had been brief and, oddly, devoid of much detail: Come home at once. Urgent matter needs our attention. Can’t do this without you here.

The Ranger Captain knew her superior was not one for dramatics and wondered what could be so vital to the Horde, or even the blood elves. She soon got her answer when she reached the central chamber of the retreat. There, Lord Regent Lor’themar Theron stood with the Ranger General in great unease. Opposite them were three, small horse-like creatures in various eye-bending shades with huge, glassy eyes and high-pitched voices.

Toriah did not like the looks of this.

Before she could sneak away, Lor’themar called her name and beckoned her over. With a resigned sigh, she put on her most professional face and joined the delegation. Halduron glanced at her and shrugged ever so slightly. Just go along with it, he mouthed silently.

“Ah, you’re just in time to meet the Horde’s newest allies,” Lor’themar said, his face carefully composed. “The Warchief asked that all of the races host them for a few weeks in our major cities as a sign of welcome and goodwill. We have been honored as the first.”

Bowing slightly, mostly to hide her quiet laughter, Toriah said, “It is an honor to meet the *cough* esteemed delegates of the Horde’s newest and *ack* fiercest friends.”

“FRIENDS!!” was the chorus of squeaky voices.

Next thing she knew, the pink one had its arms (forelegs?) around her shoulders in an awkward embrace.


Giggles rang out and echoed in the rafters. Toriah looked up at Lor’themar and Halduron helplessly. They looked just as pained as she felt. Twisting about, she searched for her cat but even Orion seemed to know not to get too close. She thought she saw rainbows float by with bursts of stars and hearts, but that might have been hallucinations from the lack of oxygen.

Finally, the pink one let her go and Toriah gasped for breath on the floor. “To seal our friendship, allow us to bestow upon you a cutie mark,” it said with a smile, glassy eyes shining with unholy light.

“A what?” the three blood elves asked together.

“A cutie mark!” the one with rainbow-streaked hair squealed. It proudly turned to show the bewildered elves its “cutie mark,” a tattoo-like symbol on its hindquarters.

The implications of a “cutie mark” slowly dawned on Toriah. She got to her feet and slipped the bow from its holster on her back. The Ranger Captain had had enough of this and whatever else Garrosh was trying to achieve with this nonsense.

“A ‘cutie mark,” eh?” the elven woman growled as she nocked an arrow to the bowstring. “Oh, I’ll show you a ‘cutie mark’ alright! ALLOW ME TO BESTOW MINE UPON YOU!!”



The other two pony-like creatures fled immediately, leaving the pink one to quiver in abject terror, unable to move or act.

Ranger General Halduron Brightwing smiled and nodded knowingly at the Lord Regent. “See, I told you we needed her here.”


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