30 Days of Character Development: Day 20

The Prompt: Does your character have any irrational fears?

Fears? Toriah is a Ranger Captain of the Farstriders! She is an adventurer beyond that! She has faced down dragons, the Scourge, mutant trolls, ogres, abominations, and anything in between! She’s traveled from one edge of the world to another and beyond!


What a completely preposterous question.

Of course she does. Toriah is utterly terrified of spiders. She believes in two methods when it comes to dealing with spiders:
1) Run in the opposite direction
2) Employ direct, excessive violence

One can hardly blame the elf when the spiders of Azeroth (and, as she found to her dismay, in Outland, too) are three times bigger than your mount. Some of them are even bigger than houses. Most, if not all, of them are venomous.

Yes, spiders are terrifying.

She’d love to tell you some stories involving her run-ins with spiders but she seems to have conveniently forgotten all of them. You are also forbidden from asking Halduron Brightwing about those stories, as well. Under penalty of death. Or, so I’m told.

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