30 Days of Character Development: Day 14

The Prompt: How does your character react to temperature changes such as extreme heat and cold?

Toriah grew up in the sunny, temperate climes of Quel’thalas. As an adventurer, however, she’s learned to adapt— but not without complaint— to arid deserts, humid jungles, frozen tundras, and anything in between. Her least favorite climates to adjust to are the warmer ones. She loathes the feeling of sweat underneath her leathers and mail. And, probably as a part of her hunter instinct, she feels like any predator can smell her for miles. Being that warm just makes her feel incredibly uncomfortable in her own body.

When the Horde went to Northrend, Toriah was thrilled, especially when she reached the region known as the Grizzly Hills. Halduron thought she was crazy and told her as such in his correspondences. She simply wrote back that the forests of Grizzly Hills were beautiful, the vistas of Storm Peak were breathtaking, and he was simply jealous (jokingly, of course). As far as physical comfort is concerned, she would much rather bundle up and endure the cold. Then there was the supply of stews and hot honeymint tea she could enjoy, which are some of her favorite foods.

Even Orion, understandably, prefers the cold. He’s a mass of muscle and fur, built for the forests and hilly terrains. But even in Northrend, he couldn’t stay exposed in the wastelands of Icecrown for long periods of time. Tori tried several different methods to keep the lynx warm, unwilling to let her trusted cat leave her side, but eventually relented and kept Orion stabled for a number of her solo missions. During that time, she gained the trust of a hulking arctic bear whose thick white-gray fur matched the icy landscape.

In group settings, however, Orion was still her go-to companion, knowing the constant action would be enough to keep the cat more than toasty, even if they were outdoors for part of the time.

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1 Response to 30 Days of Character Development: Day 14

  1. I am so the opposite, we are having a cold period and I don’t want to leave the house for groceries. If I don’t go today we’ll be eating our shoes. I do however walk the dog, priorities! He’s my irl Orion after all, lol.

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