30 Days of Character Development: Day 9

The Prompt: Who does your character trust?

Toriah’s trusty and faithful pet Orion is always at her right hand. He’s saved her life more times than she can remember, and been there for every adventure from the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale to the shores of Pandaria. The two are inseparable. She usually forgets that Orion is actually not a person, though he often exhibits an uncanny level of sentience.

As far as people are concerned, there are two who come immediately to mind. (At this point in Toriah’s story, she doesn’t completely trust Krodan Bloodbane yet— if anything, she doesn’t utterly resent his presence anymore, and that’s progress.)

The first is Halduron Brightwing, her superior officer and lifelong friend. Though he was technically friends with Tori’s big brother first, Halduron quickly grew to like the little elf girl who insisted on tagging along with the boys. In fact, he realized her potential as a Farstrider through their many play-adventures in the forests of Quel’thalas, especially as the hapless victim of her many traps. When Melnir left their homeland to hone his arcane mastery with the mages of Dalaran, Halduron made a promise to take care of the younger elf—”Though, she hardly seems to need it,” he remarked as he saw Melnir off.

In Halduron, Toriah sees a good friend, confidant, and mentor. Lor’themar Theron was once a part of the group but has been largely absent due to the demands of leadership. That left Toriah and Halduron to cope with the turbulent events after the collapse of the Sunwell together. In her times of doubt, frustration, and weariness, Halduron willingly listened and alleviated her worries. Conversely, the Ranger General knew he could trust Toriah with the most critical missions. And when the weight of leadership threatened to overwhelm him, Toriah was the only one to whom he could express such thoughts.

It was for these reasons that the Ranger Captain was chosen to represent the blood elves in the Horde, even though Halduron was reluctant to let his most trusted ranger go.

(And now you know precisely why Toriah felt so hurt when she was dragged before the triumvirate in the Spire in Chapter 1.)

The other person Toriah trusts completely and implicitly is Smorcus, the orc warrior who serves as leader of the band of adventurers. She willingly follows him into unknown dangers because he’s an adept tactician and genuinely cares for the people he leads. Toriah knows he will be just and even-handed when dealing with unpleasant situations. He has done much to gain her trust— which is also why she has distanced herself from him and the rest of her adventurer friends while she deals with Garrosh for the moment.


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