30 Days of Character Development: Day 4

The Prompt
How vain is your character? Do they find themselves attractive?

As an elf, Toriah knows she’s naturally inclined to aesthetic beauty: tall, slender, lithe, and athletic with a smooth, flawless face and high cheekbones— not to mention the glowing green eyes. Then again, the rest of her race has those qualities, too.

Personally, Tori doesn’t see herself as anything special, though there a few who would argue that point to death.

Unlike so many of her race, she has dark hair, which other kids used to tease her about mercilessly. The one thing that made her stand out was branded as something shameful instead. She paid no heed to those who called her mother and father beautiful and handsome, respectively, even though her parents, naturally, possessed the same dark hair. Those in her immediate sphere of influence mocked her into hiding; her first skill was finding new ways to stay unseen by her age peers— which would, ironically, serve her well as a Farstrider and adventurer.

As a result, Toriah puts little stock in physical beauty and impresses others through her hard-earned knowledge and skills. She’s well-spoken, thanks to her education and background. Her armor is functional. She forsook the tradition of many other hunters who like to wear their latest and greatest kill, keeping her armor simple and in good condition. Makeup? Nah, a “waste of time,” she said on many occasions.

She does, however, take very good care of her bow and, depending on the mission, twin shortswords or polearm. Her weapons are her one point of pride that she allows herself to indulge in. It could be that the first time she truly felt “beautiful” was when Lor’themar Theron, commander of her squad at the time, complimented her on the care of her bow and her archery stance.

In short, Toriah knows her worth, though there is a small part of her that remembers being a ridiculed little girl. She learned early on with the Farstriders that respect is a two-way path— if you don’t respect her enough and judge her on just physical appearances, she isn’t about to waste her time with you. Physically, she makes sure she’s presentable when she must but she isn’t about to go out of her way to impress you with mere looks. There are more ways to present oneself than just looking good.

“Besides,” she was once heard saying to a fellow adventurer, “who needs to look pretty when you’re about to be covered in dust, mud, and blood?”


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