30 Days of Character Development: Day 2

The Prompt
What are your character’s most prominent physical features?

“When he finally looked up, Krodan Bloodbane found himself staring into the luminous eyes of a fearsome soldier who had seen countless wars and conflicts. In her war raiment, he saw a captain who has led campaigns, both successful and lost. Her gaze held the silent grief of her people’s bloody history, full of missteps and mistakes, and the grief of friends lost in battle. The irreverence and flippant attitude she bore so readily were the only things keeping her from succumbing to the avalanche of despair that said she should— and would— fail.”

Excerpted from Chapter 2: “An Audience with the Warchief”

During her days as a Farstrider scout, it was Toriah’s job to remain unseen. When she was promoted to Ranger Captain after the Sunwell’s fall, she had to contend with subordinates who liked to looked down at her; even for a blood elf, she is slight, small, and wiry. Her hair is dark, instead of the trademark pale golds and flame-touched reds that reflect everything right and beautiful about Silvermoon City and the realm of Quel’thalas.

At first glance, there is absolutely nothing remarkable about Toriah, and that’s how she likes it best.

Those closest to the huntress, however, can attest to one striking feature that’s burned into their minds: Tori’s eyes.

It’s not just her ability to put an arrow through the head of a moving enemy from 3,000 yards, nor her uncanny knack for finding obscure and minute details. While her overall appearance seems to lack the fiery beauty of Quel’thalas, the flame is refined and shines through her eyes instead. As an old human saying goes, “The eyes are windows to the soul.”

Halduron Brightwing, current Ranger General of Quel’thalas, has known Toriah since they were both young elves as he was a close friend of Melnir, Tori’s older brother. Even though the two boys were older than Toriah by nearly nine years, Halduron was astonished at how adept the younger elf was as hide-and-seek— and with the quiet intensity that laid within her gaze. Later, as a lieutenant within the Farstriders, Halduron himself suggested that his superiors recruit the young woman once she was of appropriate age.

In the years before the Sunwell’s collapse, her eyes were a much darker shade of blue than most high elves. After Arthas’ invasion and the introduction of fel energy by Kael’thas, the green glow that came with the new source of magic seemed to suit Toriah’s appearances even more.

Of course, it doesn’t help that Toriah could never keep a straight face, even if it literally meant saving her life. Her eyes often give her away and, coupled with her strong convictions, land her in trouble when dealing with those who aren’t of the same mindset, like Garrosh Hellscream. As a result, she’s become a rather good actor over the years—and how she’s managed to stay alive while adventuring in the wider world for so long. (How does one tell if Tori’s putting on an act? Well, can you see her eyes clearly for starters?) Several people have seen the elf’s eyes turn near-white when she was moved to anger.

Only two elves have ever witnessed Toriah become dejected enough that her eyes lost their glow completely.

Those who have served under her and adventured with her in numerous campaigns to save Azeroth, however, all attest to the elf’s undaunted, steady gaze on the battlefield. The fearful have sometimes regained their courage, called to action by the glowing beacon of hope in her eyes— an unquenchable light that burns through the darkest hours to herald a new dawn.

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