30 Days of Character Development: Day 1

The following entries for the “30 Days of Character Development” project are all for my main Toriah, blood elf expert markswoman who gained the rank of Ranger Captain before she was handpicked by the Lord Regent to represent her people in the Horde during the faction’s campaign in Outland.

The Prompt
1.) Describe your character’s relationship with their mother or their father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were they spoiled rotten, ignored? Do they still get along now, or no?

Toriah grew up in a tight-knit family that valued loyalty and togetherness above all else. Her father was a talented chef and restaurant owner who provided well for his wife and three children. That is not to say, however, that there weren’t months when the family counted their coppers closely. Tori’s mother is a wise, fiery, and clever woman who forsook all professions to take care of the children and home.

Seeing her mother and father work together as two different but interlocked halves of a bigger machine instilled a unique brand of idealism in Toriah and her siblings. Despite the rigors of life that kept her parents busy, not once did the young elf think she was unloved or unwanted. Everything her parents did, they did for the family.

In return, Toriah worked hard at her studies to make sure she could one day contribute to the family and be a productive member of high elf society that would make her parents proud.  The family took a major blow, however, when Toriah had just begun her adolescent years. Her father had traveled abroad to chase a potential business venture on the advice of his younger brother. Unfortunately, the brother had lied and the whole “venture” was a fluke. Toriah’s father became sick and barely made it back to Quel’thalas before dying in the family’s home.

For two months, the family struggled to regain its footing. Toriah’s older brother Melnir was away studying with the Kirin Tor; her mother had not worked for the better part of twenty years; and her little sister Saluxis was just a little kid. Tori was determined to not let her father’s legacy simply disappear. One morning, she attempted to make breakfast and, while it tasted awful— she had not, apparently, inherited her father’s culinary talent— her mother realized she could not allow the family or the restaurant to go under.

The fiery spirit of Toriah’s mother was rekindled. She took over her husband’s business and put faith in her eldest daughter’s abilities in keeping the rest of the family together. Since mother and daughter both possess the same fierce, stubborn attitude, they often butted heads and argued, but would quickly realize that they were simply two sides of the same coin. As Tori grew up, she brought together her father’s big, giving heart and empathy with her mother’s fiery attitude and eye for fine details and became a primary candidate for the prestigious Farstriders of Quel’thalas.

Toriah would eventually face the hardships of the high elves— then the blood elves— with the grace, determination, loyalty, and dignity hard-won through personal tragedy and forged from the bonds of her family.


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5 Responses to 30 Days of Character Development: Day 1

  1. Erinys says:

    Ooh I like this and the prompt very much. I love hearing about other people’s characters, when you hear the stories people imbue them with, they become much more than pixels on the screen.

    • Thanks! That is the precise reason I got sucked in and wanted to participate. I saw Snacks’ post and then Vidyala’s— I couldn’t resist.

      And it’s one of the best things about WoW: creating the backstory of your character is pretty open, as long as it’s in line with the history and context of the world. Reminds me of playing pen-and-paper RPGs with my friends in high school and college.

  2. That was great! I loved finding out about Tori’s background and the relationship with her family was just what I would have expected for her.

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