November Challenge: “Musical Azeroth”

The shortest raid in the universe
really isn’t all that fun.
It only has one little boss…
And now it’s done.

What a gyp, gyp
What a gyp, gyp…

Ambermist the Battlechicken had a really great idea for this month’s challenge. It was pretty straightforward and simple: make an Azerothian song. With Thanksgiving coming up, I figured I’d have a little bit of time to work on it and really give it a good try.

Then one thing happened after another and they’re still happening now. Before I knew it, November is now nearly gone and I’m floundering in an even bigger sea of to-do lists.

But that’s not going to keep me from at least trying!

I thought about posting the fragments of an inert guild project where I took that terrible song “Doncha” by the Pussycat Dolls and turned it into “Doncha Wish Your Raider Was Skilled Like Me?”

I know you like me (I know you like me)
We’ve raided before (raided before)
That’s why whenever I log on
They put me on ignore
I know you wanna (I know you wanna)
Lemme join your team (join your team)
‘Cause you know your buddy stands in the fire
and makes you wanna scream (and not in the good way)

Doncha wish your raider was skilled like me?
Doncha wish your raider would gem properly?
Doncha wish your raider was prepped like me?
Doncha wish your raider would flask like me?

The project I was trying to focus on, however, was “The Ballad of Kirana the Warlock.” It’s a little depressing (which is never fun, especially during the holidays)— and I am nowhere near done, anyway. I also thought about doing an infomercial for “Azeroth’s Greatest Hits” and coming up with Warcraft-centric song titles. All of the titles have fled my brain, unfortunately, and I’ve only been humming “The Shortest Song in the Universe” for days now, which is what I have featured above.

“The Shortest Song in the Universe” is a gem I found on a Sandra Boynton CD I found while at work one day. My daughter loves Boynton’s books because they’re funny and colorful and just a load of fun to read. I also find the illustrations adorable. So, while I know it’s not the greatest of parodies nor the most original, I dedicate “The Shortest Raid in the Universe” to the Go-Go-Go Guys and Gals of Warcraft, and the ones who complain about the teeniest bit of trash and that instances are “soooo looooooong.”

Somehow, I feel like I’ve let Weird Al Yankovic down in my failure to create a good parody. I can always try next year! … If there’s a next year for the challenge, anyway.


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5 Responses to November Challenge: “Musical Azeroth”

  1. battlechicken says:

    Lol, bravo! I love doing WoW-centric song titles. When I post the wrap-up, I’ll post a fake CD I did for our guild a long time ago with that. :-D

    That song is way stinking catchy, btw. lol.

    • Ooh, looking forward to it! That actually gives me an idea for the guild Christmas project. So, thanks for that!

      And yeah… there’s a reason why I couldn’t think of any song other than that one.

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