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Life as a Pandaren

Warning: Contains spoilers for the Pandaren starting zone, The Wandering Isle, and the Pandaren entrance quests to the Horde. Have I mentioned how much I despise and loathe Garrosh Hellscream yet?

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Mini-Post: Toriah’s Real Life Adventure of 2012

Or, “The Great Innuendo: Mid-Atlantic Guild Meet-Up of 2012” I’ve written many love letters about and to my guild; I’ve also posted about the fantastic thought-provoking and intelligent conversations I have with my awesome guildmates. After endless discussion about a … Continue reading


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About Last Week, or “Why the Pandas are Right”

In my guild, we have a very simple and strict rule about real life: Real life comes first, no matter how much it may interfere with your hobbies and the things you’d rather be doing. The past week or so … Continue reading

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As I Walk Through the Valley of Four Winds…

I blame the title on my friend, who recently reposted her “Students’ Psalm 23,” which is a funny rendition of the Psalm known to most as “The Stuff I Hear At Funerals.” It starts off with, “The Lord is my … Continue reading

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