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Prepared to Launch

Gaming news feeds are all abuzz with Mists of Pandaria‘s launch earlier this morning. The guild and I are ready to take on the challenges of this new land, excited to get back together after a lengthy hiatus since Deathwing’s … Continue reading

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Reinventing the Conversation Wheel: A Commentary on Peer Pressure

BioWare is famous— perhaps infamous, even— for its conversation wheel. It’s the game mechanic that allows players to mold and shape their experience as the story unfolds by choosing responses to NPCs via conversation/RPG cutscenes. In the first Knights of … Continue reading

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Brain Calibrations

Huh? Tuesday? Oh, hello, I didn’t see you sneaking up because yesterday was a holiday and… You know what, never mind. With the sky being a constant soup of murky, pallid humidity, I don’t even know what season we’re in … Continue reading

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