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This interruption of blog writing is brought to you by Diablo III.

Since I’m working on launch day (again), I’m getting in what time I can with the game. This is something that I’ve been super psyched about for the past four years– and only very psyched for the other six years before that.

In fact, I am so psyched that this message is actually prerecorded and set to publish on its own. That’s how undistracted I want to be on Tuesday, May 15.

But fret not. I’ve added some new recipes to the “Food and Recipes” section of the blog for your perusal. Also, it’s worthwhile to note that adding Heath bits to the brownie recipe I use all the time is apparently the best thing to happen to my coworkers since my joining the staff to alleviate the workload.

Anyway, if you’re going to be traveling the dark roads of Sanctuary to thwart Evil wherever it rears its ugly head, I hope to see you there! Send me a message or some other if you ever want to party with a sharpshooting Demon Hunter. Meanwhile, stay safe and have fun, no matter what you may be doing!


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