Lifting the Mist from MoP: My Two Coppers

There’s so much intel out there. I don’t even know where to start. The free weekend for SW:TOR was a nice distraction from clawing at the computer screen, going bonkers from curiosity about Mists of Pandaria, though. That was impeccable timing.

But anyway… Two things immediately caught my eye from the various interviews and reports: 1) Siege of Orgrimmar, and 2) World scenarios.

Siege of Orgrimmar
I fully understand some people’s wish for further development for Garrosh Hellscream. It would have been awesome for him to wise up as he saw the events of Cataclysm unfurl. Personally, I was always a part of the “I Hate Garrosh” camp. When I first met him in Garadar, I actually felt sorry for him. And when I bumped into him upon arriving in Borean Tundra, I started to loathe him. I mean, how can you be rude to Varok Saurfang?!

In fact, it made me regret ever doing that quest chain in Nagrand (and all over) to make Garrosh realize his ancestry and potential greatness.

Some people argue that Garrosh never wanted the mantle of Warchief, and only took it reluctantly on Thrall’s insistence. “He did the best he could under the circumstances,” they say. Okay, fine, but that doesn’t excuse the asshattery that he’s exhibited later in Cata and, apparently, will exhibit. (Hurling insults and ordering part of the Twilight Highlands fleet to attack the Alliance ships counts as “asshattery” in my books; permitting assault of your allies counts, too.) Blunt force will only get you so far in life.

It appears, for Garrosh, that road’s coming to an end. Despite my lack of love for Garrosh, I hope his fall from the seat of power is dignified. Unless he truly forces our hands, I don’t think I even want to kill him. Sources say that Garrosh has become “corrupted.” That, by itself, could mean anything from “OMG OLD GODS!!!” to “Garrosh was never command material and simply lost his mind.” Has he truly become power-hungry? Is an unseen force pulling the strings? I’ll leave the tin-foil hat theories to Anne Stickney, though I’m interested to see what she says about it.

I really can’t wait to see what this event has in store for all of us— Horde and Alliance both.

World Scenarios
According to sources, scenarios are supposed to replace group quests in questing zones. It just seems like a lot of fun. While many of the newer dungeons are quick and easy jaunts of PvE, they still require traditional roles filled (i.e. tank, heals, dps). Scenarios won’t need such things and will, hopefully, be much quicker.

The busy working parent in me sees scenarios as a quick, fun thing I can pop online for and then hop back off when errands/baby/work comes barging in on my timetable… But, it has all of the stuff I like about dungeons and even PvP, being “stuff to do.” I appreciate straightforward objectives like the ones they talk about in scenarios, especially on a time restriction.

I’ve always been a fan of world objectives, too. When Blizzard announced they were taking away the Dragons of Nightmare, I was very very sad. Scenarios aren’t quite the same, but they kind of fulfill the same function.

I’m excited to see the new continent and exploring whole zones at a time. Ever since writing that piece about the Zandalari, I’m eager to see the continuation of their storyline as well. I know, for sure, my guildmates and I will be chomping at the bit for dungeon challenges; the “medal system” apppeals to the FPS player in some of us, I think.

Revamping Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance should be awesome, too. Scarlet Monastery was one of my favorite instances back in the day, and to update it for current events won’t be anything but incredible. It won’t be quite the same without Whitemane and Mograine but, seeing as Lilian Voss is supposed to be tossed into the mix somewhere, I doubt we’ll be disappointed. To see what the Scarlet Crusade’s been up to since WotLK and now Cata should prove to be interesting as well. Their lore has always intrigued me, especially after doing the “live” side of Stratholme in Vanilla.

Anyway… That’s all I’ve got until I sort out my brain further (yeah, like that’s ever going to happen). Happy speculating about MoP!


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