Daylight Brain-Losing Time

It’s a lot easier for me to “fall back” than “spring forward.” Right now, I constantly feel like I’m trying to play catch-up and losing.

As a result, my time-addled brain is scrambling to get things in order. Maybe it’s because so many new changes for our family were implemented at the same time, like a massive content patch magically uploaded itself to the world while I futilely grasped at a few hours of sleep. Unfortunately, “I just wanna curl up into a little ball and sleep away my problems” is my brain’s flight instinct to being overwhelmed. It is, effectively, a hard reboot process for an overloaded processor. It’d be a nice coping mechanism if the world stopped, too, and shutting down for a block of time didn’t mean even more catching up.

Oh, I know. Here’s a new name for Daylight Savings Time: Curse of Exhaustion.

Seems fitting to me.

But listen to me blubbering on and on about nothing. I sound like a quarian with a tummy ache. I hear rumors of Diablo III being released “soon” and not just “sometime in the distant future Soon,” but actually soon “soon!” Interwebs whisper April 17, which should put me right around the end of my second or third playthrough of Mass Effect 3. Excellent timing, indeed! I’m almost done with my first playthrough but I won’t talk about my experience till I’m actually done. Work and parenting seriously puts a dampener on my gaming time.

Speaking of timing, my guild is consistently finishing Dragon Soul in one night. This means our resident rogue Necropoke is just that much closer to obtaining his legendary daggers! It also means we spend our second raid night going back for Firelands, where we’re still working on obtaining the legendary staff.

For myself, I’m still working on the achievement [No More Tears]: “Drop your kid off at the babysitter and go to work without breaking down into pitiful weeping.” Admittedly, yesterday was the first day so I think I’m allowed my share of tears. But after being a stay-at-home mom for the better part of two years, it’s difficult to not feel guilty. There’s another post to write about later, I suppose.

Until then, however, things need to get done around here on the homefront. Cue epic battle themes!


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