So, I noticed a formatting quirk in my post and decided to just copy/paste my content to a new template.

It didn’t work.

Two hours of work gone. Just like that.

Lesson learned: make back ups for your back ups and… something… something…

It’s obvious it’s going to be one of those days.

Maybe I’ll write the actual post when I can think more clearly about it. It’s a pretty sensitive topic, but something I’m glad video games are addressing: the effects of war— lessons, PTSD, and war/military families. We see it in Warcraft and, most recently for me, Mass Effect. These are things we tend to miss while we’re hacking away at a dragon or getting that headshot on an enemy target. I don’t want to publish the post without making sure it’s done right.

And after yelling myself hoarse last night at a bunch of fourth graders who make terrible space-faring dragonslayers and wanted to use the time as an excuse to be crazy nutjobs instead of studying the actual material in the book, I think I’m going to take a note from the universe and just let the post go for now. You think trying to get raiders on the same page about a boss fight is difficult, try teaching religion to a bunch of kids who would like nothing better than to go home or, in this case, be crazy nutjobs shirking their educational duties.

Either that, or I’m just a really terrible inprov DM.

It doesn’t help, too, that I’m constantly stopping to indulge the baby in her games and books and the sort.

I’m also still trying to figure out how best to ask Blizzard to immortalize my friend and guildmate in the game. I’m also still trying to figure out how best to do an in-game memorial for him, too. I only have one shot to do it right and, man, not having a real-life “save game” button makes me nervous sometimes. The problem, probably, is the fact that I am focusing more on my nerves and less on honoring Jim.

Stupid brain. Stupid… other stuff.

If you’ve got an idea— either to boost my brain power or hosting an in-game memorial service for a friend— I’d love to hear it. If you’ve got a good idea for dinner, I’d like to hear about it, too. I’ve exhausted my limited culinary repertoire and, well… Toriah hungers.


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