Transmogrification and Baby Clothes

With Patch 4.3 came the transmogrification feature. My hunter no longer has corpses hanging off of her body but instead looks like an actual hunter or ranger, rather than a walking trophy hall. She’s got all of her shiny new gear but still looks less silly than what her shiny new gear would have her be.

Baby clothes get progressively “human like” as the sizes go up (and, of course, as the baby gets older). One moment they’re wearing cute little duckies and kitties, and the next they’re in jeans and graphic tees.

You know how some questing greens tend to look “better” from levelling than raid epics? Yeah, that’s how it can be sometimes with babies and their clothes as they get older and bigger.

I’m not saying I want to constantly keep my baby in “cute” baby clothes: I enjoy how she looks like a little human being nowadays. But I was looking at her drawer full of out-grown clothes (because babies do grow rather quickly up until 18mo… At least, that’s how it was for us) that I still wished she could get some mileage out of, if not for anything but pure looks. And that’s when I thought of baby clothes transmogrification.

For the most part, her clothes are perfectly serviceable. They’re just too small, like her onesies from the warmer months. They’d be perfect if they were just a little bigger and not short-sleeved. If I could somehow apply the magic of transmogrification to clothes, imagine the variety! And imagine all of the practical uses!

1.) No need to do the laundry so much if you can just transmogrify stains away.
2.) Instead of buying several packs of onesies, I can just transmogrify old onesies onto the new ones for different looks.
3.) Instead of getting sad and nostalgic about “those really cute jammies from her newborn phase,” I can have her wear them again, even if for just a night or two.
4.) Think of all the money we’d be saving! On clothes, energy, water, gas…

Okay, so it’s not all that much of a well-thought out idea. Really, I couldn’t wrap my head around how much we spent every few months on what literally was a new wardrobe for the baby. I try not to think about it. At least, nowadays, we only have to go clothes shopping every six or eight months. When it comes to baby stuff— and I mean the real essentials here like clothes and food— there’s no cutting corners.

Think of it as a gear reset that comes with every hotfix, mini-patch, content patch, and expansion. Everything that’s “best in slot” becomes outdated, outgrown. Maybe there was something you really liked about your old gear, looks and aesthetics aside. One that comes to mind is the two-piece bonus for hunters’ Dungeon Set 3: reduces the cooldown of your traps by two seconds.

The same can be said for baby clothes. I like the simplicity of snap-buttons on onesies and the option of unbuttoning part of the back so the baby’s head doesn’t have to squeeze through the head-hole.

Especially with winter upon us, there’s peripheral things like hats and mittens in addition to the usual stock of pants/jeans and shirts. There’s sweatshirts and sweaters and jackets. And, if you’re in a really chilly climate where there’s snow during the winter (like here), you need a good, thick coat. Back in the day, if the baby was still in her carrier, you’d just have to tuck in a bunch of blankets and make sure her head is covered.

If I’d only believed people when they said the infancy days were the easiest.

I’m going to keep this post short because 1) I’m still sick (one week and two days, and counting); and 2) the baby’s still a little sick. She got it on Saturday and has already gotten to the “last phlegmy remnants of the cold” stage. Baby immune systems rock!


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