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Leave a Message After the Beep…

BEEP! Yeah, my brain’s on vacation. It’s mostly my husband’s fault, really. He took this week off to fully enjoy Christmas and the rest of the holiday. So, by default, my brain switched to “rest and relaxation” mode, too. That, … Continue reading


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‘Tis the Season

Christmas. Hanukkah. Winter Solstice. Kwanzaa. Winter Veil. Oh, and let’s not forget Festivus (“for the rest of us,” of course). I love it. As stressful and tiring as the holiday season is, I absolutely love it. Of course, every year … Continue reading

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Transmogrification and Baby Clothes

With Patch 4.3 came the transmogrification feature. My hunter no longer has corpses hanging off of her body but instead looks like an actual hunter or ranger, rather than a walking trophy hall. She’s got all of her shiny new … Continue reading

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Beta Testing “Star Wars: The Old Republic” (Part 2)

“More to say, have you” on the Old Republic beta, Toriah? Why yes, Yoda, I do. Quite a bit, actually. Map features and UI One of the things I missed from playing Diablo II was having a map overlay on … Continue reading

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