Of Turkey, Beta Testing, and Patch 4.3

Okay, okay. You got me. I can’t lie, even on the Internet.

I’ve been beta testing Star Wars: The Old Republic all weekend since Saturday afternoon.

Couple that with the mid-season closer for The Walking Dead on Sunday night and I’ve had myself a pretty nerdgasmic weekend.

Thanksgiving was great, being around family (and other adults!!) and my sister-in-law’s brother’s very laid-back but playful Dachshund hound. My daughter got to play with her cousins, especially our three-year-old nephew who is still approximately her size– and therefore less scary. Her continued fascination with dogs was brought to an incredible climax when she watched the visiting dog (aka Wally-dog) play fetch. Apparently, a small dog with floppy ears dashing after a ball is hilarious in the world of babies.

Despite the fact that we nearly got into an accident because one of the two other cars with us on the highway contained an arguing couple and was swerving lanes, along with inconsistent speeds, it was a fun time overall. And, because of holiday cheer and general feel-goodness, I actually didn’t swear or even honk. This is kind of a big deal for me.

Then, later on in the weekend, there came the news of Patch 4.3 dropping today. This comes as a bittersweet thing. Bitter, because we were so close to getting Ragnaros in Firelands; sweet, because of shiny new stuff– heroics, transmogrification, and Deathwing, oh my!

Granted the servers are working and functional tonight, I’m going to zip straight to the transmogrification vendors and dolling myself up for heroics. Finally, to be a hunter who looks like a hunter! Plus, some of my favorite lore is contained within these heroics: the Azshara and the Well of Eternity.

In any case, I’ll be back later today tomorrow (the day’s been too busy for me to properly articulate my experience… Sorry!) to do a full post on my experience on the SW:TOR beta!


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