One of Our Own: White Ribbon

Update (11/23/11): Alyzande (aka The Gold Queen) was kind enough to take a moment out of recovery to respond. To hear the story from the amazing woman herself, go to her blog post responding to the White Ribbon bandages or just follow the link in the Pingback section at the bottom. As the link says, it’s NSFW so just check it out whenever you can.

Many thanks to you who have been reading and keeping up with the news, and to the gold blogging community for making all of this happen.

Alyzande, keep at it. We’re all cheering and rooting for you.


The gaming community is a special and unique population sample.

We come from different upbringings, cultures, socioeconomic backings, and everything in between. Our love of video games brings us together despite these, oftentimes, limiting and constricting differences. Those of us who are Warcraft players have brought down dragons and demons. We’ve defeated the odds, protected the world from evil. And we did so with people we’ve probably never met in real life– but that, to us, is just a minor, mostly insignificant, detail.

So, when one of our own is struck down, we band together and stand in solidarity with them.

Earlier this month, a member of the WoW community was the subject of a terrible, horrible crime (link may be disturbing for some readers and possibly NSFW– just to be safe and warning ya). She is a part of the gold blogging circle who specializes in generating gold in game the legal old-fashioned way. The blogging circle erupted with a White Ribbon- Heart of Gold campaign in support of this woman and to encourage her continued recovery from this ordeal. I think the count is somewhere around 17.

I, being the blog-illiterate person I am, have no idea how to do that thingie the other bloggers are doing. But I followed the links to the White Ribbon website itself and made the pledge. It was the least I could do. And now I’m spreading the word.

We fight monsters and evil in the fictional land of Azeroth. Now, it’s time to step up and battle the ills of our own, real life world.

To learn more about the international efforts of the White Ribbon Campaign, go to
To make a pledge:
To make a monetary donation:

Don’t forget to see what similar local charities are in your area that could use monetary, material, or volunteer help.


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4 Responses to One of Our Own: White Ribbon

  1. fluxdada says:

    I’ve added your wonderful show of support to the growing list of links on my original White Ribbon post.

    Every effort pushed the darkness back that much more.

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